Editing Services

While every book is different, there are several things that are similar. Every story needs editing in some form or another. It is highly recommended that the edits a story go through follow this order:

• Developmental Edit

• Line and/or Copy Edit

• Formatting (not really an edit, but important)

• Proofreading

Following this order makes sure that you’re not going to have to do more work by editing a section you end up deleting.

Every manuscript will be edited using the Chicago Manual of Style and using the region-specific English the book will be mainly published in. All edits will be made using Track Changes in Microsoft Word and will include an edit letter detailing my thoughts and the types of edits the piece requires.

As each manuscript has its own quirks and needs, the amount of time along with the price of the edit will vary from project to project. The prices listed with each type of edit are to be used as an estimate only. Please contact me for a quote specific to your manuscript.

I accept payments through Zelle and Paypal (there will be a small fee added to any payments made through Paypal)

Developmental Edits

(Starting at $0.015 a word)

With a developmental edit, we will on the plot and characters in your story. The goal of a developmental edit is to strengthen the overall structure of the novel so you can focus on the next stage of your story without having to spend hours or days trying to figure out where you want to update the manuscript.

A developmental edit includes:
• An in-depth look at your current plot
• A character motivation analysis
• An editorial note detailing my thoughts and suggestions on the piece

Line and Copy Edits

(Starting at $0.012 per word)

While some may think of Line edits and Copy edits as the same thing, my definition of the two is slightly different. Both of these edits will help make your manuscript cleaner and tighter but in different ways. Line edits focus on the language used whereas copy edits are more technical and look at the mechanics.

Line edits include:
• Highlighting difficult to read sentences
• Noting potential character inconsistencies
• Pointing out echoed words
• Catching plot holes and/or loose ends
• Light proofreading

Copy edits include:
• Light fact-checking
• Light formatting
• Grammatical edits
• Catching plot holes and/or loose ends
• Light proofreading


(Starting at $0.009 per word)

Proofreading is done after the book has been formatted for publishing. This is the final step in the editing process to make sure the book is as polished as possible before it is shared with the world.

Contact me for a quote

When are you planning on publishing your book? Knowing this will help me figure out when we should start the editing process.