Achieving Your Goals in 2021

2020 was a rough year. Here’s how you can plan for 2021, make sure you’re achieving your goals, and avoid planning for things you can’t control.

Why set goals?

I touched on this a bit in my last blog post, but setting goals is important for many reasons. Goals give you something to track and work toward instead of feeling lost in your day to day life. They’re there to give you the drive and motivation to get through tough days. They also allow you to mark your progress every step of the way. When you set goals, you have actionable steps to follow, steps that could otherwise seem daunting on their own. These goals can be the difference between realizing your dreams or living with regret.

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Why is achieving your goals important in 2021?

Now, you may be wondering why you should even consider setting goals in 2021. Who wouldn’t be? 2020 was a year none of us could’ve predicted and we have no idea what will happen in 2021. We now have a vaccine so there’s a chance that 2021 will be better. But, until that happens, I wouldn’t blame you for looking toward the new year with dread. It’s that dread that is the exact reason why you should set goals for the new year. 2020 showed us exactly how much can change in a year and how it’s not worth putting things off. I’m not saying you should load yourself down with a crazy amount of goals, there is still a lot of uncertainty in the world. However, if you’ve always wanted to write a book or run a marathon, there’s no reason to put that off until 2022 or later. Just make sure the goals you’re setting are achievable in the current climate we’re living in.

How to set goals for 2021

Okay, so how do you set goals 2021? First, you want to make sure you’re not setting any goals that involve traveling, going somewhere with large crowds, or visiting specific indoor places. For example, you probably wouldn’t want to make it your goal to fly to Paris to see the Mona Lisa. That being said, you can still make it your goal to see the Mona Lisa, but instead of traveling, you can do a virtual tour of the Louvre instead. Take some time, journal, take a walk, meditate, do whatever you need to so you can come up with a list of things you’d like to achieve in 2021. Next, break down your goals into specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time-based steps. You want your goals to be set so you can track them easily and know how far you’ve gone. Finally, find yourself an accountability partner or three. Post on social media about your goals, reach out to a friend, or post in the comments below about what your goals are and when you hope to achieve them. Having an accountability partner can be a huge help when achieving your goals.  

How to make sure you’re achieving your goals

Actually setting out and working toward achieving your goals is one of the most difficult parts of the process. You can have the best intentions and accountability partners a plenty, but it’s up to you to actually follow through with your goals. No one is going to make sure you sit down and work on your painting, start your side hustle, or go for your morning walk unless you start showing up for yourself first. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but the best things in life never are. The greatest thing you can do is to make your steps easy enough that you don’t feel overwhelmed, but challenging enough that you don’t get bored. If you can keep yourself focused on achieving your goals, then you’re already farther than a lot of people who set goals and forget about them.

"The greatest thing you can do is to make your steps easy enough that you don’t feel overwhelmed, but challenging enough that you don’t get bored." Click To Tweet

What are you going to do?

The choice is yours, what are you going to do? Are you going to set out to work on achieving your goals? Or are you going to let 2021 be a more relaxing year after 2020? Neither answer is wrong, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you and your place in your life. Feel free to share your plans in the comments below and share this post on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook for anyone you think may benefit from it.

Have a wonderful New Year!