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A Secret Friendship. An Impossible Choice.

Mage-in-training, Emolin, struggles with her place in the Altava hierarchy and her compassion for those living in servitude, especially the Paran slave, Hajana. If their friendship were ever discovered, it would mean death for both of them.

But when a mysterious figure claims Emolin is the one who can cleanse the land of Parans once and for all, she is forced to choose between Hajana or the lives of thousands. Hoping she can find another way, Emolin is forced to head to the other side of the country to rally Alchemist forces for the war against the Parans, leaving Hajana to wonder if the two of them were ever friends to begin with.

Can Emolin come up with a plan to prevent the war? Or can Hajana discover a way to save herself?

Hi, I’m Sydney Rain.
My goal is to write books, change the world, and help writers strengthen their own writing.
I have been writing since my early years and have even dabbled in writing fan fiction during my teens.
After I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Lake Superior State University, I worked as a freelance editor, book professional, and technical specialist all while working on my manuscript, Well of Vengeance.
Learn more about my experiences on my About page. You can also learn how I can help you on your writing journey on my Editing Services page.

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